Whirly Dog Supplies
Cascade Locks, OR
Affordable Quality, unique, and fashionable Dog Clothing and Pet Apparel – handcrafted dog clothes that are comfortable, look great, and made to last!
Also, selling handmade beautiful dangle earrings, along with seasonal fresh produce from our homestead – lovingly and organically grown.

Nellie’s Pies
Carson, WA
We are based out of Carson, Washington and take orders for pies, cakes, and candies all year long.
And… they are out of this world good!

Panther Springs Farm
Carson, WA
Panther Springs is a small family farm. We garden on a 5th acre of ground and grow vegetables and berries and a limited amount of fruit (apples & plums). We use no pesticides or herbicides on our produce. In addition, we raise organically fed, free range chickens and sell their eggs. We also grow a few pastured hogs each year and sell them on the hoof from the farm. We share our 3 acre pasture with elk, deer, turkeys, coyotes and a plethora of other wildlife species, thus our garden and critters are fenced. But the chickens roam freely unless we happen to be gone all day.What we bring to the market is harvested the night before, and morning of the market, our goal being to bring you the freshest produce we can. Alice is also an avid food preservationist. We very much appreciate and thank all those who have supported us and the Stevenson Farmers’ Market.

Lily Petal Soap
Camas, WA
Luxurious soaps and cosmetics made right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Loop Road Garlic
Stevenson, WA
I currently have 8 varieties of garlic planted , with a total of about 1,000 plants. I also have some shallots planted. In the spring I will plant red onions and either Walla Walla sweets or a sweet white onion from Dixondale farms. I have 2 dozen laying chickens and a big Blue Orphington rooster named Rodney. I also make a wide variety of wooden products. What I make  depends on the wood I have available. Everthing I make is my own design. I grew up on a farm and I love to play in the dirt. For me,close to the Earth means close to The Creator.  If you would like more information please contact me.  971-267-1688

Tabi Allaway
Independent wellness advocate – selling naturally safe, purely effective, essential oils.
Stop and say “hello” and find out how essential oils can revolutionize the way you manage your health!

Heidi’s Finest
Foraged Goods, Mushrooms, Berries, Nettles, Beets, Jams, Jellies, Pickled asparagus and Pickles

Cook, WA
Chicken, Turkey, Wide variety of produce, Herbs and Granola

Fresh From the Farm
Carson, WA
Aquaponics and vermiculture specialists.
Vermiculture Solutions: Redworms, composting kits, castings – “worm casting tea”, consulting workshops.
Aquaponics Solutions: Domestic and international aquaponics design and installation, training, workshops, consulting, and aquaponics systems available.

Winter Creek Farms
Produce, Sewn gifts such as a colorful baby tag rag and Knitted hats

Margie and Chrissy’s Cupcakes and Farmers Market Quesadillas
Home made Cupcakes, Lemonade, and Delicious Quesadillas made to order with produce from our Market Vendors

Kevin’s Wind Mountain Metal Works
Decorative Metal Wall Hanging Designs of Fish and other wildlife

Blue Moon Tie Dye
Tie Dye Shirts for Adults children and babies, Wind chimes and Light catchers

River City Mercantile
Emulsified body scrub, Bath fizzies, Lotions, Face Masks, Cleaners and Scrubs, Lip Balm, Hand and Cuticle Cream

Alch Ink Painting
Alcohol Ink Paintings on tiles and Fused Glass

Jim’s Jewelry and air plants
No soil air plants and Jewelry



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