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The Stevenson Farmers’ Market is Moving to the Waterfront this year! This creates a unique opportunity for excessive advertising for our Sponsors!

The Stevenson Farmers’ Market is a seasonal market focusing on supplying regionally-grown produce and farm products sold by the farmer. Farmers markets provide a unique opportunity for the consumer to meet the grower who raised the food they eat. Locally grown food is a sustainable approach to agriculture that uses fewer resources to bring the highest quality, freshest food to your table, and provides food security for the community.

Launched in 2007, the Stevenson Farmers’ Market is now located at the Port of Stevenson! Our mission is to provide healthy, fresh foods and farm products to Skamania County and to our visitors.

In the past three years The Stevenson Farmers’ Market provided Children with $1680 of free veggies with our Power of Produce program (POP) where children get a $2 token to spend on vegetables each visit and participate in Veggie related activities.

Our market also gave $608 in additional food to community members Doubling the spending power of both WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) vouchers just this season. In the past 5 years $4,334 of free food has been given to community members made possible by Sponsorships.

This is money that goes directly to our vendors who are small local farmers bolstering our economy as 62% stays locally and 99% of that money stays in the state!

Farmers markets are good for communities. They bring people together and increase the social health and wealth of communities.  Studies show that farmers’ markets improve customers’ sense of belonging and attachment to the neighborhood, and increase sales in surrounding businesses. Not to mention the healthy, tasty food that customers buy each week at the market.

The Stevenson Farmers’ Market is seeking sponsors for the 2020 season. Please consider helping us make our Twelfth year our best yet. See you at the market!


Steering Committee

Stevenson Farmers’ Market

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Stevenson Farmers’ Market.

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on sponsorship donations from organizations such as yours that share our goal of a healthy Skamania County.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please fill out this form.

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